‘Simplicity’ – Royal Blue wedding cake

Are you in the mood for something ‘simple’ today?

Simplicity is often used to imply purity & clarity. Let’s put it straight – simplicity is often underrated and more complex than you probably think it is! The challenge is about managing the right balance and create a design that is elegant and clean with simple layout, to make a great first impression

 This couple loved the simplicity of the ‘Love Bird wedding cake’ from last year. But instead of ‘Love Birds’ for the topper, they wanted a cartoony bride & groom figurines, replica of themselves. They also wanted a very stream-lined looking cake with lots of ‘white spaces’ & ‘no flowers’!

The bridesmaid dresses were in Royal Blue, which is such a refined and regal colour choice. This very rich looking colour was something I haven’t seen very much in wedding inspiration boards, but it certainly reminds me of royalty!

A ‘Thank You’ note from the couple :
“Many thanks Pat for the amazing cake !! the dress is the replica of mine and even it is a beautiful ivory colour when i have a look of it closer ..”
- Andry & Hanita -



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